Sussex Cattle

The St. Blaize Sussex stud was started in 1983 with the importation of females and a bull from the renowned Bosworth Sussex stud of Jack Orford. Later on females from the Huntersvlei Sussex stud of Mr. Anthony Rhys-Evans was also added to the herd. Today the herd consists of approximately 180 breeding females and the St. Blaize Sussex herd is the biggest Sussex stud in Namibia.

The herd has been closed since 2006 and the females of the herd are very well adapted to the harsh Namibian conditions and this contributes to our high fertility where a pregnancy rate of 95% and higher is the norm. Great care has always been taken in the selection and purchase of stud bulls for the herd and only the best bulls are used. In the past bulls from the following studs, Huntervlei, Avoca, Niekerksrust, Platdrif, Nugget and Bosworth have been used in our breeding program.

Our current herd sires include a couple of young bulls with a lot of potential and we are excited about their future offspring.

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